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Our Team

Onevet Alto de Algés Veterinary Clinic has a fantastic team that will provide you with the highest level of care.

Veterinary Doctors

Diana Kolinski

Veterinary Doctor Director

Diana Kolinski has a degree from Vasco da Gama University, in Coimbra. She joined the team in November 2009 and works mainly in external consultations.

She has a particular interest in endocrinology, internal medicine and animal behaviour. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and going for walks with her dogs.

Veterinary Nurse & Veterinary Assistant

Sílvia Laranjeira

Veterinary Nurse

Sílvia Laranjeira has a degree in Veterinary Nursing from the Bragança Polytechnical School of Agriculture. She joined the team in March 2015 and acts as a support for the veterinary doctor.

Her interests are surgical assistance and general nursing care. In her free time, Silvia likes to eat and go for walks.