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Onevet Benefits

Supporting Our Clinics & Hospitals

UNAVETS’ goal is to acquire and build synergistic and reputable veterinary practices. UNAVETS takes a proactive and partner approach to streamline the business and enable you to focus more on pet care.

Business Support

Provide full business support for clinics, including Finance & Purchasing, Accounting, Legal, Recruiting, Training, Facilities & Equipment, Digital, Marketing, and IT Management.

Thought Leadership

Foster industry and group networking and development. Allows for sharing and collaboration on special or complicated cases. A Clinical Advisory Board will provide ongoing guidance to the group on the latest healthcare advancements.

Amplified Marketing

Provide a marketing platform with cutting edge digital media campaigns to ensure that your clinic is displayed for the right customers at the right time.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Continually revamp customer experiences with enhanced in-clinic experiences, tailored promotions, community and social events and referral network.

Purchasing Power

Relationships with key suppliers and partners allow Onevet to negotiate favorable rates.

Hiring & Development

Support clinics with staff training, career path guidance and professional development, including formal and on the job training.

Continuing Education

Onevet invests in training programmes, seminars, conferences and other continuing professional development for our team. In addition, knowledge transfer from one clinic to another is encouraged and fostered.

Leading-Edge Digital Offering

Onevet is creating forward-thinking online experiences and mobile apps to support our clinics and expand their reach via social media, Google search and local listings.

Clinic Transformation

Ongoing support to make sure your clinic with updated waiting areas, front desk, marketing collateral, signage, and up-to-date equipment.