Monday: 10am-1pm / 2pm-8pm | Tuesday to Thursday: 2pm-8pm | Friday: 10am-1pm / 2pm-8pm | Saturday: 9:30am-1pm
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Our Facilities

Onevet Oiã Veterinary Clinic has a fantastic team and modern facilities, ensuring you receive a high level of service.

Our veterinary clinic offers care for domestic animals (cats and dogs).

We have a team of veterinary doctors who excel at personalised service and knowledge of each animal and its needs.

Onevet Oiã Veterinary Clinic is a service centre dedicated to preventive and first opinion medicine.

Our clinic often integrates with other clinics and hospitals within the Onevet group, sharing clinical history and medical knowledge, particularly with Onevet Baixo Vouga Veterinary Hospital.

We predominantly invest in preventive medicine to provide a better and longer life for your pet. We have excellent references for location and easy parking.