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About Us

Onevet Baixo Vouga Veterinary Hospital has a permanent 24-hour emergency service

We have been helping to improve the health of your pets for over 13 years.

Onevet Baixo Vouga Veterinary Hospital (HVBV) was founded in 2008. Ever since then, we have been dedicated to animal health and welfare to ensure the quality of life of your pets.
We invest in preventive medicine to provide a better and longer life for your pet.
We have a multidisciplinary team made up of veterinarians with experience in all areas of companion animal medicine, including exotic pets. Our cohesive way of working enables us to respond quickly and effectively to our patient’s needs, even in complex cases.
We believe that sharing information with the animal’s owner such as our availability and proximity are fundamental and are characteristics that set us apart.
We are also proud to have an active role in society: we collaborate with several animal associations, we carry out short training courses with local schools that help raise awareness for the responsibility of caring for an animal, and we have a careful waste management policy aimed at minimising our impact on the environment.