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About Us

Onevet Gondomar Veterinary Clinic has a 24-hour emergency service, provided by Onevet Porto Veterinary Hospital (HVPO)

For 22 years, we have provided our customers with a careful, complete diagnosis to provide the best treatment for companion animals.

Onevet Gondomar Veterinary Clinic has been open since 1999, caring for pets with all the care and professionalism they deserve.

We are located next to several city landmarks such as Rotunda de Ourives, Parque Urbano de Gondomar, Pavilhão Multiusos. The clinic team is made up of 4 veterinary doctors and 5 nurses/assistants with experience in all areas of companion animal medicine.

We predominantly invest in preventive medicine to provide a better and longer life for your pet.

We believe that sharing information with the owner of the animal, our availability, and proximity are fundamental pillars in veterinary medicine.