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Our Facilities

We believe that sharing information with the animals owner about our availability and proximity are fundamental in veterinary medicine.

Our facilities are divided into two parts: the Veterinary Clinic and the Dog and Cat Hotel (PetHotel).

In our Clinic, we have 2 clinics for dogs and 1 clinic exclusively for cats. We have a 24-hour emergency service, with a veterinary doctor always available. We have diagnostic imaging equipment, such as ultrasound and radiography.
We also have a pet grooming service. We believe this service is important beyond the aesthetic aspect, as hygiene is key for the health of your pet.

Our Clinic is easily accessible and has a large car park.

The Dog and Cat Hotel is a place where pets can stay for a few days, either for holidays or for their owners’ business trips. We also offer Pet Day Care services for owners who work all day and can’t give their pets the proper attention they require. At the hotel, we offer a day full of activities, games, training, exercises and, of course, lots of attention and affection, in a place surrounded by nature.