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What is endoscopy?

Onevet Aveiro Veterinary Clinic offers endoscopy, a procedure in which a tube, with a camera and a light source, is placed through the body’s natural orifices, such as the respiratory tract, the intestinal tract or through surgical incisions, to examine the body’s internal cavities.

Instruments may also be used to perform minimally invasive surgeries at the same time (cauterisation of tissues, removal of cysts, polyps or tumours…).

Endoscopy requires anaesthesia, so it does not cause any pain or trauma for the patient. It can be used to examine the nose, ears, digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive system and urinary system.

When is endoscopy considered?

The veterinarians at Onevet Aveiro Veterinary Clinic use endoscopy to determine the cause of sneezing, vomiting, diarrhoea or urinary problems in pets and use it to remove objects from the nose, lungs, stomach or oesophagus without painful surgery.

Recovery time is immediate, so once it’s done, your pet can resume their normal life right away.